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Our Steele Creek Dentist Explains How Your Diet Affects Your Dental Health

Any family dentist near Steele Creek will tell you that nutrition is extremely important. The foods that you eat can have a positive or negative effect on your oral health. The nutrients can also ensure that your teeth grow in properly.

Nutrition And Tooth Development

Baby teeth begin to form in the womb when the unborn baby is two months old teeth. Permanent teeth will also form before birth. That is why if the mother has nutrient deficiencies during pregnancy, then this can have an adverse effect on the oral health of the child. That is why local general dentists recommend that women see a dentist while they are pregnant.

Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorous are some of the nutrients that your child gets while they are pregnant.

Eating Habits

The eating habits that you have can also have a positive or negative effect on your oral health. That is why Steele Creek general dentists will ask about your diet. The PH of your mouth decreases when you eat something. This causes your mouth to get more acidic. If your mouth is acidic, then cavities can form.

Cavities can from if the PH drops below 5.5. Your mouth’s PH can drop below 4.0 within an hour of eating something. Keep in mind that sugary foods are one of the worst things that you can eat. However, it is better for you to eat all of your sugar in one setting instead of multiple settings.

It is best for you to eat sugary foods with a healthy food. For example, if you eat a cinnamon roll along with a piece of cheese, then you probably will not do as much damage to your teeth. The cheese will also help increase saliva production. It can also raise the PH of your mouth. Peanuts, eggs and milk are some of the other foods that you can include in your diet. Local general dentists will also recommend that you drink plenty of water.

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