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Dental Bridges

At Steele Creek Smiles we are proud to offer dental crowns to replace or restore damaged or missing teeth so that you can achieve a perfect smile. When crafted from today’s high-tech applications, crowns are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. They can even be designed to improve upon a tooth’s original appearance.

Crowning or Capping a Tooth

When the surface of a tooth is damaged, a crown can be placed over the remaining tooth structure in order to protect it and restore its strength. Unlike other restorative dental options which must be periodically removed from the mouth, crowns are permanently attached to the teeth. This makes them a very effective solution for restoring your ability to bite and chew.

Crowns can also be used to create a lifelike replacement for a missing tooth. This is done with bridgework, which spans the space of the missing tooth and requires at least three crowns. In order to receive a “bridge”, the patient must have two healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth gap (or, alternatively, two dental implants). Two abutments are cemented onto teeth on either side of the missing tooth, and a false tooth, called a “pointic”, sits in between them and fills the empty space.

One question we often receive from patients is, “do I have to replace a missing tooth?” The answer is, “yes!” A missing tooth impacts far more than just your appearance. Missing teeth can cause:

  • A change in occlusion (bite) or alignment
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
  • Speech impediments
  • An increased risk for periodontal disease
  • A greater chance of tooth decay

Both crowns and bridges have several pros and cons. Our Steele Creek Smiles dentists will help you understand the best option for your particular smile and budget. If you have a missing tooth, make sure to request an appointment with our office today.

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