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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Need a Wisdom Teeth Removal in Steele Creek? Our Experts Dentists Can Help. 

If you, or your young adult child, is experiencing pain from impacted wisdom teeth, it is important to have them removed right away. Impacted wisdom teeth which aren’t removed can result in a number of painful complications. Even if the teeth do emerge fully or partially, impacted wisdom teeth tend to be quite difficult to clean, and are therefore highly susceptible to tooth decay, infections, and gum disease. Learn more about our wisdom teeth removal services below.

How Does My Dentist Know if My Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted? 

To determine if your wisdom teeth require removal, your Steele Creek dentist will take dental X-Rays to identify the angle and position of the teeth. If we do determine that they need to be removed, we will try to perform the extraction as soon as possible, because the extraction will be easier and the recovery time will be much shorter before the roots have fully formed. Our wisdom tooth removal process is as follows:

  1. We will use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and jaw. We are also able to use general anesthesia per the patient’s request.
  2. If the impacted tooth is still underneath the gums and imbedded in the patient’s jawbone, the dentist will first remove a small portion of the bone.
  3. To minimize the amount of bone that is removed with the tooth, the dentist will “section” the tooth so that each piece can be removed through a small opening in the bone (when possible).
  4. Once the teeth have been removed, and the patient has regained alertness, the dentist will provide instructions for a comfortable, efficient recovery.

If you need wisdom teeth removal in Steele Creek, our general dentist is here to help you every step of the way. Click here to request an appointment with our office.

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