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Teeth Whitening

Get a Confident, Winning Smile with Our Steele Creek Teeth Whitening Services

It’s a well-known saying that a smile is the best accessory. If your smile is looking a little worse for wear, our Steele Creek teeth whitening services can help make your smile sparkle and your confidence soar. Don’t miss out on opportunities that could be gained from looking your best—get a professionally white smile today!

Why Do my Teeth Need to Be Whitened?

No matter how well you brush or floss, certain factors can still cause your teeth to become yellow stained. Genetics plays a big part, as well as whether or not you consume a lot of tooth-staining foods, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and red fruits like cherries. Then there’s the fact that as you age, your teeth become even more prone to yellowing, because the enamel on the tooth surface becomes more porous, and absorbs more color. Professional tooth whitening is not just reserved for Hollywood celebrities—everyone can benefit sooner or later.

Why Should I Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Patients often ask us why they should choose professional tooth whitening at the dentist’s office, rather than cheaper over-the-counter options, like Crest™ Whitestrips. The answer is that, since dentists are able to supervise the whitening process in person, we are able to apply stronger bleaching agents than those commonly used in over-the-counter products. In-office tooth whitening and even custom, take-home bleaching trays will both give you better, longer-lasting results than branded products.

Another factor to consider is that professional tooth whitening has far less risk, since your dentist is able to monitor the treatment and make adjustments if you experience an adverse effect. The same is unfortunately not true for many at-home whitening products.

Ready to Restore Your Confidence and Your Smile? 

If you’re interested in getting professional teeth whitening in Steele Creek, request an appointment with us today by filling out our simple contact form. We can’t wait to give you a beautiful, healthy smile for life!

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