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3 Reasons You Should Not Be Afraid to Get a Root Canal

Steele Creek family dentists often recommend root canals as a last resort in order to save the tooth. Many people are afraid to get a root canal. However, there are several reasons that you do not have anything to be afraid of.

It May Not Hurt

I was once afraid of going to a family dentist near me because I was worried that it would hurt. However, thanks to the advances that have been made in technology, root canals are not as painful today as they were in the past. A local Charlotte dentist can use a numbing agent to reduce the pain. You may feel a slight prick when the anesthesia is being administered.

The Pain Will Be Gone By Tomorrow

Even if you have some pain, it will likely be gone by the next day. Your local local Charlotte dentist can also tell you things that you can do in order to stop the pain. They may recommend that you take medication in order to reduce the pain. If you are at an increased risk for getting an infection, then you may have to take an antibiotic.

Your Tooth Can be Saved

The purpose of getting a root canal is to eliminate the infection. If the infection is eliminated, then the dentist will be able to save your tooth. It is better to save a natural tooth than it is for you to get it pulled. The dentist will give you a crown or filling after they perform the root canal. The crown or filling will make your tooth look like it is in new condition. Your crown or filling may also last a long time.

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