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Steele Creek Dentist Loves When You Boast A Bright White Smile

Having whiter, brighter teeth and a more beautiful smile is usually listed first when our Steele Creek dentist asks about the one thing patients would change about their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has advanced so today anyone can have a whiter more attractive smile with simple teeth whitening treatments performed in our local dentist office.

Advances in the latest teeth whitening processes make them more effective and comfortable. Whitening is done safely, paying special attention to protecting gums and surrounding tissues from discomfort. Preventative dentistry helps teach patients how to care for teeth and keep teeth whiter after office whitening treatments.

Professional Teeth Whitening by Our Steele Creek Dentist

Two ways to have teeth whitened professionally in our Steele Creek dentist office are bleaching and laser whitening. Bleaching involves these steps:

1. A mouth guard device is custom-made for your teeth, then whitening gel is placed in the device.
2. Gums and surrounding tissues are protected either with applied gel or a rubber shield.
3. Whitening product is applied to teeth using the custom-made mouth guard.
4. The whitening product, which is commonly carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, needs to stay on teeth for 30 minutes to an hour.

Once teeth are treated over three dentist visits, you’ll continue treatment at home for two to four more weeks. This takes some conscientious effort. Once patients see the results of whitening treatments, they’re more determined to continue them until they’re complete.

The other way to whiten teeth in your cosmetic dentist office is through laser whitening. This is done in steps that include:

• A protective device placed over teeth to protect gums
• A special bleaching product painted onto teeth
• A special light or laser aimed towards your teeth to activate the whitening product

Laser whitening is a quicker way to get whiter teeth. You can see results of five to six shades whiter with this method.

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Preventative Dentistry Helps Preserve Whitening Results

You’ll receive information on how to keep your newly whitened teeth looking their best. You may be asked to try to limit foods that can cause discoloration like coffee and tea, and to try to stop smoking to keep teeth white longer.

If professional whitening sounds exactly like what you’re looking for, simply click here to set up an appointment and be on your way to a whiter, more youthful and vibrant smile with professional whitening.

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